‘Be Our Guest’ – Go paperless for your wedding

‘Be Our Guest’ is a greener solution for weddings. We aim to provide a secure, private and reliable alternative to stationery for every stage of the wedding journey.

Guests receive their own mobile application where they can easily RSVP and update their RSVP at a later date. There are RSVP reminder notifications for guests who forget. And you will get a notification when a guest downloads ‘Be Our Guest’ or when they RSVP.

We create our own in-house fine art and incorporate this into each hand-crafted theme. We are also teaming up with top stationery designers to create new themes and matched paper stationery (for the guests that don’t have smartphones or tablets).

Your guests will also see a list of your wedding events tailored to them. For each event they will see it as a list, a full screen map with a carousel and a detail page. Guests only see the events that they are invited to.

New features will be rolled out early August – guests see your wedding details, your micro-blog updates, seating plans, ceremony details, a gift list, accommodation concierge and much more. We are also adding photo and video sharing this summer. All new features will be automatically incorporated into existing copies of ‘Be Our Guest’.

Everything can be customised from your own ‘Be Our Guest’ mobile application. From this mobile hub you can import and group guests, send off invitations (sent via a beautiful, themed email which looks like a ‘Save the Date’ card) manage RSVPS and add content easily from your phone. It even works offline!

‘Be Our Guest’ is better value than the average wedding spend on stationery. It’s a greener option and it makes organising guests, RSVPs and seating plans a lot easier. And guests have the information they need to get to every wedding event at their fingertips! ‘Be Our Guest’ is also private and secure. We do not share your information and everything is password protected.

If you download ‘Be Our Guest’ before the 1st of September you automatically get upgraded from silver to diamond package and receive these new features as they are rolled out.

We have tons of new features planned including babysitting and guest transport services, scheduled release in-app games, augmented reality treasure hunts, murder mystery games, personalised quizzes for guests and lots more!

COVERED AREAS: UK, International

SPECIAL OFFER: We are offering 60% off for all GBW readers who purchase ‘Be Our Guest’ before the 1st of November 2019. Please contact us and mention GWB60 code.

We are also offering 20% off for all GBW readers (cannot be used in conjunction with the 50% discount). The code for this is GWB20.