Wedding Photography

Weddings are great fun. They never fail to make me smile and laugh all day long, so I try my hardest to show that through my work. I don’t order you and your guests about for endless group shots – I much prefer a natural and candid approach, no one appreciates having a big camera shoved in their face by a pushy photographer who gets in their way all day long. My aim is to capture all the moments and real emotions while you concentrate on enjoying your wedding day, the most important bit!

I love couples who choose to have fun with their wedding over endless traditions and box ticking. Letting your character shine through is the most important thing and it makes for awesome photographs: your wedding day is all about YOU.

Every wedding is different, and finding the quirky and unconventional aspects that make your day unique is a lot of fun for me. If you want to walk down the aisle in a pair of Doc Martens – I say go for it! If a friend’s baby decides to wail uncontrollably during the quiet part of your ceremony – I think it’s hilarious and makes for a cracking photo! If it rains all day long – I’m happy getting soaked through if you are! The unexpected moments are the ones that you remember for years to come, and I absolutely love documenting them.

COVERED AREAS: England, Scotland, Wales, International, UK

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