Specialising in creating fun, creative and relaxed wedding photography

I adore relaxed, fun and personalised weddings. Throw in a cheeky sunset session with the two of you bathed in that gorgeous golden hour light and I am one happy woman!
Street food vans are my new favourite thing and I always tear up during wedding speeches, I can’t help it when a good one comes along it hits you hard.

Having grown up with same sex parents I know that all love is the equal. Whoever you are, your days are fundamentally all about exactly the same things: romance, hope, families and fun. There is no difference at all, and that says a great deal, not only about love, but also what a privilege it is to be there to photograph such an amazing occasion.

My images capture you on the happiest day of your life, in a natural, creative and honest way – so that when you look back on your wedding photography you are able to get lost in the story and the emotion of the day all over again.

COVERED AREAS: England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, International, UK



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