Bespoke hand-crafted and officiated, relationship ceremony’s, including weddings, civil partnership conversion celebrations and vow renewals. Based in the capital, I have the pleasure of working with couples based in London and the surrounding areas, who are having their ceremony anywhere in the UK or abroad.

Celebrant Ceremonies allow you to celebrate your love and commitment in a way which is meaningful to you, authentic to your relationship and allows everyone to share in your happiness and joy.

Advantages to having a Celebrant Ceremony:
– Your can opt for any location: You can have your ceremony anywhere. Outdoors, indoors, a beach, your home, somewhere meaningful for you. It doesn’t have to be restricted to an approved venue.
– You select the content you want: Every ceremony structure is designed to suit you, and the content’s decided in collaboration with you. There’s no pre-made mould to fit into and nothing’s pre-prescribed. You might include humour, tell the story of how you both met and your relationship journey so far. Exchange vows and rings or gifts if you want to. Have readings and music which fit your personalities. Include unity rituals, cultural traditions, secular, spiritual or religious elements. Choose inspiring ways for your guests to participate, or other things which showcase what the day means to both of you. The choice is yours.
– You have the dates and times you desire: You can celebrate at sunrise or sunset, daytime or under the stars. On a date that’s significant to you, weekdays, weekends, bank holidays. Really any day of the year.
– You decide who officiates your ceremony: Being able to choose someone you’re both comfortable with and get to know over time, gives you a reassuringly familiar face to guide you through your day.

Some LGBTQ+ related reasons for choosing a Celebrant led ceremony:
– They compliment a legal Civil Partnership or marriage ceremony without restrictions. And for most, the symbolic celebrant ceremony is the wedding!
– It provides a way to truly celebrate converting your civil partnership into a marriage.
– And It gives an option for people identifying as Trans, without deed poll name changes or gender recognition certificates, to keep their gender journey private.

What makes me unique as a Celebrant?:
– My background as a registrar enables me give guidance regarding the quick separate legalities. Most people don’t get married every day, so I do what I can to help make it easier and less daunting for spouses-to-be.
– I pride myself on my open-minded and inclusive approach, both professionally and personally, as couples feel at ease to share their joint vision, whatever it includes.
– My background in public speaking, both professionally and as a trainer means I officiate ceremonies clearly and confidently.
And, if you wish, I can coach one of your loved ones to lead a part of your ceremony, thus adding a deeply meaningful and personal touch.

Get in touch for a free initial consultation to share your ideas and excitement of your plans ahead.

COVERED AREAS: I work with couples living in London and surrounding areas, wherever their ceremony in the UK and abroad.